Friday, June 29, 2012

Warehouse Progress

Enter the new digs. We have re-taped and added a coat of mud and some texture to what will be the office and break-room of our new facility. Doors have been hung or re-hung, patches made, and we are ready for a coat of paint
The new office has a view of the floor.
The floor is still cluttered with tools and a thousand things that we have collected over the years in preparation for setting up a more formal packing facility.
The list has expanded and contracted, but our short term objectives and long term goals have remained the same since day one.
The new covered area, that will be used for washing, is being inspected today and we will pour concrete on Monday. The painter is coming down to go over  the details, and though I am jokingly sticking to my original projected start-up date of July 1, we are making good progress and it will not be long before we are setting up the refrigeration and completing the installation of new high efficiency lighting.

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Saturnino said...

Now that you’ve started out the construction, it’s just smart to stick with your established goals for the warehouse. Sudden change of plans for some details never guarantees improvements. Thumbs up for the installation of the new high efficiency lighting! If your area is designed to accommodate high-volume activity, maybe you could consider creating a warehouse within a warehouse. You can gain tremendous operation efficiency by grouping together orders.

Saturnino Walmsley