Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barn Gets Floored

A few weeks ago we finished the flooring on the ground floor of our old barn. The picture above was taken well before we started renovating this old building at a time filled with wonder and optimism...
If you have been following the blog at all you may remember that when we had lifted the building, we took the time to replace and reinforce any rotted or damaged joists. Darren Johnson is pictured here from below the elevated barn looking through the new joists. Neither of these photos really do justice to the state of the original flooring which was just plain gone in many areas and extremely dangerous in others. We have had  the barn off limits to employees and visitors until just recently, and are delighted to have this phase of the project behind us.

Here is a rodents eye view of the new flooring; 2x6 tongue and groove. It is a beautiful, flat, and very sturdy floor that suits the old barn well.

I think the floor was clear for all of twenty minutes before materials, and equipment from far-flung corners of the farm began to get a much deserved place under cover and out of the elements.

Soon we will be able to clear out the barn once again, and look forward to having our customers and others able to actually enter the building we have put so much energy into over the course of the past few years.