Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boistfort Valley Farm Voted Wildlife Habitat Steward of the Year

Boistfort Valley Farm has been recognized by the Lewis County Conservation District for our efforts to enhance diversity and maintain habitat for wildlife here on the farm. We have been working with the Conservation District to plant and maintain a riparian buffer bordering the South Fork of the Chehalis where it flows through the property. The Conservation District has provided us a grant which reimburses us for the trees and labor, as well as provides incentives for the ongoing maintenance of the project. It has been a very real pleasure to work with this organization. It was a hoot to attend their recent Board meeting, and an honor to sit in a room full of such dedicated local farmers and others.

Apart from being instrumental in facilitating this project, the Conservation District is an excellent resource for information and grant funding of other projects. They provide information, technical services and cost share opportunities for projects which keep land and water healthy and productive. Their services are available to farms and forestry concerns of any size. The Conservation district works in partnership with a host of other County, State and Federal entities such as; Farm Services, USDA, Fish and Wildlife, the Forest Service, and the Department of Ecology.

I would also like to thank the Conservation District of Lewis County at this time for their help and support after the flooding of 2007. Through a special appropriation, the Conservation District offered reimbursement for expenses to repair and replace irrigation equipment, to replace perennial plants, and to clear and rehabilitate lands damaged by flooding on the farm.
Thank you.