Friday, November 11, 2011

Bachelor Recipes Vol.1 #8

What’s in the Box:
Pie Pumpkin
Delicata Squash
Chioggia beets
Brussels sprouts Garlic
Red chard

Family shares also include:
More Delicata, Brussels sprouts, garlic & turnips

This recipe may take a few more pans than usual, but it is something that many people have never had, and is also a crowd pleaser; children and all. 

Winter Vegetable Burritoes:
As with most of my recipes you can substitute/add/ommit just about any ingredient. I would recommend the Brussels Sprouts/Winter squash combo, and beets always seem a welcome addition. Anyway....

for 6-8 burritos (3-4 people) You will need:
3-4 beets
1 big handful of Brussels sprouts
1 Delicata squash
1 bunch or less of Chard

two ripe avocados
sour cream
mild cheese (cotija is nice, or even just Monty Jack or Cheddar)

Clean Brussels sprouts and slow cook covered over medium heat in a heavy cast pan with melted butter until fork tender. (about 30 min.)

While they are cooking:
Half the Delicata and remove the seeds. Carefully cut the skin from the flesh and cube in as large a chunks as possible (1/2 inch or so).
Blanch and peel the beets and cube them as well. 
Place the beets and squash in a double boiler or steaming rack and steam until fork tender.
This will take about twenty minutes.
While they are steaming, and the sprouts are cooking:
Wash and slice the Red Chard.

When the Sprouts and Beets/Squash are done remove from heat and put them in a large baking dish in the oven on 200.

Put 2 burrito shells per person in the oven wrapped in a towel.
Skin and deseed avos and mash them in a sauce pan, add equal parts sour cream and salsa and heat until warm.

Use the Sprouts pan to quickly sautee the chard until tender.

When the Chard is ready, add it to the other vegetables and toss.

Fill two burrito shells per person with the vegetables, top with grated cheese and plate them covered with the sauce. Serve at once.