Friday, September 11, 2009

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

It dawned on me recently that I may not have met many of the readers and customers who occasionally visit the blog. Hi, I'm Mike Peroni and I am a farmer. A very tired and easily agitated farmer this time of year. The farm is a runaway train in August and September. We hold on for dear life as the Markets get busy, the garlic comes in, the winter squash ripens, the onions dry down, the potatoes scream to be harvested before the rain.......the list really does go on and on.

We will be attending the Tilth harvest fair at the Good Shepherd Center this weekend:
This is a great event we look forward to every year. It is an excellent opportunity to meet some of the best farmers in the state, shop at a premier urban market, listen to live music and presentations....There are loads of kids activities, and the venue alone is worth a visit.

I have also been selling at the Olympia Farmers Markets on Sundays lately. As my personal responsibilities at the farm which focus on planning, seeding and planting slow down I am able to get out a bit more. Though maintenance on our equipment has kept me busy this year I look forward to ramping down a bit, letting my hair down at the forthcoming barnstomp here at the farm, and spending a bit more time with family. So get out and get to local market market, or come see us at the harvest fair or better yet at the second annual barnstomp here at the farm on Saturday Sept. 19.

What a Difference a Month Makes

The hot dry summer has done wonders for the corn here in the Boistfort Valley. After watching the local pea and bean harvest come off, which for the commodities growers in this area had to border on disaster, I am pleased to report that the corn looks wonderful.

What started out as a nice planting of Bodacious and Mystique, with a little Sugar Buns thrown in for an early harvest, has matured into the nicest corn crop we have grown in years.

We look forward to a light harvest for the weekend and a full blown concern for the next month.