Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to Work

Once back we celebrated the New Year at the local Grange with a potluck, music and dancing.

Then we set to work on the seed order. We have always done this at the dining room table with seed catalogues spread everywhere, notes from last year and lots of snacks. It is about a three day affair to complete the order and Heidi is inside faxing and phoning in the orders today.

In the mean time we service and maintain our tractors and field trucks, inspect and repair the delivery vehicles and generally go through all our equipment and facilities and effect the repairs for which a hectic summer schedule does not allow the time.

Last but not least, operating on the premise that man does not live by bread alone, I have dropped a high performance motor in my old 1967 Ford pickup. This motor, combined with an antiquated chassis and running gear makes for a profoundly dangerous combination of horsepower and poor handling and braking. The gentleman who built the motor suggests that I only use the truck to go to the store. I look forward to the challenges and eventual outcome of a project of this nature. I have had this truck since I was 25 and will endeavor to restore it in stages over the next year or two. More later.

Christmas in Pennsylvania

It feels as though we just got back to Washington, though we returned from visiting family just before the first of the year. Heidi, Natty and I spent a full two weeks visiting family in Pennsylvania for the Christmas holiday. While we were there we "got dumped on"; over 8 inches of snow in my sister's neighborhood outside Pottstown.

We went sledding.

Built a snow man.

Baked cookies for Pop Pop....

and of course, opened presents and exchanged gifts with family and friends.