Monday, September 17, 2012

What the!!!!

                                            What the???? What is??? Who is in my tomatoes?

What the!!! What is she doing? Holy *&^$%!!!!

Heidi and I took a tour of the farm together today. We paused in the tomatoes that are enjoying this long stretch of dry warm weather. The cloche (that's French for bell) is loaded with the Fantastics I wrote of earlier. There is a ton, literally, of green fruit and we are just beginning to  harvest some for the house.
                                    The cherry and grape tomatoes in the field are loaded as well.

It is so nice to grow a few things far enough apart that we can till between them with a tractor. We trellis on metal stakes with a two wire system that supports the plants. As you can see they are getting so tall that they are beginning to fold over the top of the wire.

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